AutoPay for the perfect relationship with a mobile account
Automatic payment of the service package within the tariff by a bank card
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Bonus cashback 10% for the first 3 payments
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AutoPay is the convenient way to pay for the tariff on time

How do I set up AutoPay?


What is AutoPay?
This is an automatic payment of service package within the tariff plan from a bank card.
Who can use AutoPay?
Individual lifecell subscribers who are served on a prepid basis and contract with a 4-week or 30-day service package within the tariff plan.
How does AutoPay work?
1 day before payment at 8 PM, the amount indicated for AutoPay is debited from the bank card. Payment is made according to the schedule of the tariff plan (every 4 week or 30 days).
What happens if there is not enough money on the card?
The payment will not be processed. The next attempt will take place the next day at 8 PM.
Is it safe to use AutoPay?
Yes. Payment data security is guaranteed by international PCI DSS certification.
Where can I manage AutoPay?
You can manage 24/7 in the My lifecell mobile app, section ‘AutoPay’.
Will AutoPay be deactivated if I change my tariff plan?
No. The payment schedule and the price of the service package within the tariff will be automatically updated in accordance with the terms of the new tariff plan.
Will AutoPay work if I order a service package earlier?
No. AutoPay will simply update the date of the next debit from the card according to the schedule of the tariff plan.
How can I deactivate AutoPay?
In the My lifecell mobile app, ‘Autopay’ section and by code *113#.

0 800 20 5433

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